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Developing a Passion to CREATE

Age Group


Level 0:

5 & 6 Years

Course Timing
Each Level 32 weeks
1.5 hours every week
Wednesday / Friday
3:30 PM - 05:00 PM
Upcoming Intakes 

Course Fee




We provide all material and components required for the weekly activities. Kids can take their creations home as well. 

IgniterSpace guarantees an instructor for every group of 10 kids.


S-T-E-A-M Program

The world is changing rapidly with Technology taking over many jobs of the present. As parents we deeply care about our child’s future. It is very important that we prepare our kids to face the technology driven future. One of the main things to do when preparing a child is to teach them how to CREATE using Technology.

The IgniterSpace STEAM program is developed in order to provide very small kids a way to develop their passion to CREATE using technology. The course is grounded on STEAM which is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics. These are the main subject areas covered in the program.

In the course, kids will engage in many different STEAM based FUN experimental activities, all in a practical manner.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 01.42.22.png

When becoming ready to become an innovator a child needs to understand what everything is made of. Science is all around us in our daily lives. Learning science can be tough if not practically experienced by the kids. In the program, kids engages in various Science experiments to learn concepts.


Using different types of Technology to CREATE is a core part of STEAM Education. Through Technology Combined with Science, a child can learn invaluable concepts.

In the program, kids engages in various Science experiments to learn concepts.


Engineering combined with some understand of basic tools & equipment can really unlock a child’s passion to create.

Throughout the IgniterSpace STEAM program kids will create various Engineering creations. The creations may be simple but the explore the kids get to the world of MAKING is massive!



There is not better way to unlock a child's’ imagination & creativity than ARTS.

Kids are allowed to GO CRAZY with their imaginations in these activities. IgniterSpace believes in Igniting the Creativity of a child, and this is one of the main objects in the Arts segment of the STEAM program.



Teaching kids Mathematics is sometimes very challenging. This is due to the lack of tangible objects for kids to visualize the math concepts in the real world.

In the Math based activities, kids learn simple & complex Math principals through FUN filled activities.


What's Next?

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