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Work on
Real Life Innovations

Age Groups


10+ years


Course Timing


4 hours Weekly

Pre Requisite



Students should

complete the

Explorer Program

It’s time to change the way our youth think. To meet the challenges of tomorrow, we need to inspire children to follow their passions and innovate the future. The aim of the Startup School is to empower young people to create, innovate and become the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. It's founded with the mission to inspire youth to push their limits to innovate a better future.

Startup College follows non-orthodox education methods where we offer an experimental problem solving approach to each of the module that students can enjoy. Kids get a hands-on exposure to the principles we teach, making them closer to real-life problem solving at each stage. We don’t want our students to just hear about something... we want them to see it, feel it, touch it and innovate to improve.

Empathy               Ideation             Problem solving              Design thinking              Systems thinking              Prototyping              Market Research              Product development              Fund raising              Pitching              Marketing              Public Relations              Team formation              Leadership

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