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Online Scratch

Game Competition 2020


Hi Kids! We know all of you are spending the time at home productively! To add to that, IgniterSpace is hosting an Online Game Development Competition! It is very simple; All you have to do is build a very Creative Game using SCRATCH and send it to us! The winners will receive an amazing CreatoKit - Robotic Innovation Kit! Also the Winners will be published on IgniterSpace Facebook page & your game will be added to the IgniterSpace Curriculum! :D

The Gift - Your own CreatoKit

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For the game, There are two age groups:

8 - 11 Age Group

Your game should have at least one player and the game should have an objective (Go to the finish line, Collect all the food, etc)


12 - 16 Age Group

Your Game should at least have 2 players (Computer vs Player or Player 1 vs Player 2). Your game should also have an objective.

Criteria for Selection

The selection for the best game in each group will be based on the following simple criteria :

  1. Creativity - How innovative & creative is the game. Is the idea a new & unique one and have the student used their imagination to come up with a new concept.

  2. Logic & Coding used in the Program  - What kind of logic & programming structure the student has used in creative the program. (Variables, Loops, Conditionals, sound, etc

  3. Entertainment - Simple : IS THE GAME FUN TO PLAY? :D

Once you have developed your game, publish it on Scratch and send us the game link with a short video of you explaining how you made the game.


       Submission Information:

  1. Name & Age of the Child

  2. Parent’s Contact Number

  3. Link for the Scratch Game

  4. Video of Child explaining the video


Submit your game on or before the 22nd of May (Friday) 2020 12:00pm to the number 0777 206 228 via WhatsApp  / Viber. 


Winners will be announced on the 25th of May! Wishing you all the very best! REMEMBER, the most CREATIVE Game WINS!

For any further information, feel free to call us on 0777 206 228

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