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Age Group


8 - 15 Years

Course Timing


12 Lessons

2 hours every week


Every Wednesday

2.30 pm to 06.30 pm

(any 2 hours in between)

Course Fee


LKR 12, 000

(4000 per month)

The Scratch Programming Course has a span of 12 Lessons, then advanced programming concepts such as App Inventor, Arduino continues

Students will be provided with course material for each Lesson

Student will need to bring a Laptop computer each day to carry out the programming activities. On mobile programming, students will need an Android device.

Upcoming Enrolments


Wednesday 2.30 pm - 6.30 pm



Coming Soon ...

Computer programming is a great mechanism to develop a child's logical thinking & creativity. It helps discipline your kids in thinking creatively & solving problems!

In the Scratch Programming course at IgniterSpace, the kids explore the world of computer programming in detail. When it comes to learning computer programming, learning a Programming Language is easy. But what is important for you to master is the Logic of programming. In the Scratch Programming course offered at IgniterSpace kids will learn several concepts involved in the logic's of computer programming.

Checkout which is our open source platform where we promote computer programming all around the country!

Some Concepts Covered in the 3 Month Scratch Program


To create a program in Scratch, you need to think systematically about the order of steps.


forever and repeat can be used for iteration (repeating a series of



if and if-else check for a condition


The variable blocks allow you to

create variables and use them in a program. The variables can store numbers or strings. Scratch supports both global and object-specific variables

Lists (Arrays)

The list blocks allow for storing and accessing a list of numbers and strings. This kind of data structure can be considered a “dynamic array.”

Event Handling

when key pressed and when sprite clicked are examples of event

handling – responding to events

triggered by the user or another part

of the program.

Keyboard Input

ask and wait prompts the user. answer stores the keyboard input

Dynamic Interaction

mouse_x, mouse_y & loudness can be used as dynamic input for real-time interaction

User Interface Design

You can design interactive user interfaces in Scratch - for example, using clickable sprites to create buttons

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